Royality Gets Caned:

DOWNLOAD: Royality Gets the Cane
DOWNLOAD: Royality Get's the Cane
Royalty is a naughty stripper who can't seem to follow the rules. On her first day at the club she not only gets 3 strikes but 3 more before the day is out. Outlaw decides to make an example of her. First she gets an OTK spanking that doesn't seem to bother her but when the hair brush comes out it is a different story. She kicks her legs cries out and the smile disappears from her face. But we have a saying around Outlaw Spanking: Spare the rod, spoil the stripper. When the cane comes out she learns a lesson she will never forget. This is a no nonsense spanking that leaves serious bruising on her bare ass. THIS IS A VERY HARD SPANKING