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Kandy has been bad and must pay the price. First she is hand spanked until she is crying like a little girl then she gets ass fucked. She begs to be allowed to give Outlaw a blow job. But just when she thinks the punishment is over she has to face the strap and cane on her bare ass. VERY SEVERE SPANKING ACTION! Runs for 28 minutes.

School Girl Lexus: Spanked then Butt Fucked

School Girl Lexus: Spanked then Butt Fucked
Lexus is like a carmel barbie doll. Very cute figure but she is very naughty. Always starting trouble at the club, being late, not bussing her tables all the sins of the stripper. She comes over, dress to kill and tries to talk Outlaw into giving her another chance. Outlaw is not the forgiving sort. He takes her OTK for a spanking that leaves her eyes wet and her nose running. He then bends her over the couch and drives the lesson home and into her ass with his dick. Brutal anal action. She plays with herself while being ass fucked. This film runs 17 minutes.

3 Spanked Sisters

Buy: 3 Spanked Sisters
Sisters Kelly, Kim, and Karrisa come to Outlaw with forged report cards. They've turned their F's into A's. The deception doesn't work, Kim breaks down and admits the deception. It is time for a hard spanking. First all three girls go OTK for some serious hand spanking. Then it is time for something a little more serious as the heavy oak "board of education" comes out and Kelly is given a hard paddling she won't ever forget. Very hard spanking action. This film runs for 19 minutes and is non-stop spanking action!

Strap On Lesbians Get Spanked

Download: Strap On Lesbians Get Spanked
GIRL ON GIRL SPANKING. Bre Lickit and Amber Payne are two naughty Lesbians. Schedueled to be spanked for coming to work late (or missing work altogether) they are naught playing with each other. It is time for a serious spanking that these two naughty girls will never forget. First they are made to spank on another OTK then they are spanked with paddle, prison reformatory strap, and crop until both girls butts are bright red. Both girls are crying real tears before their punishment is over. Very hard spanking action on two lovely butts. Outlaw gives them a lesson they will never forget. This Film runs 31 minutes and features incredibly hard spanking action.

Nadia's Wet Bottom Spanking and Ass Fucking

Download: Nadia's Wetbottom Spanking and Ass Fucking Punishment
ANAL ASS FUCKING. SEVERE SPANKING. Little Nadia just won't mind. Outlaw warned her during her last punishment that it would go much worse on her this time if she didn't behave. Here she is again, not listening again, causing problems at the club again, smoking in the no smoking dressing room. It is time to teach her a proper lesson. Outlaw takes her OTK for a hard spanking after he wets her bottom. In no time flat she is crying and begging kicking her naughty legs like a school girl. When the spanking spoon comes out Nadia cries and screams uncontrolably. But it isn't over yet. Nadia is butt fucked to make sure she learns a proper lesson. This is a punishment she will never forget. 32 minutes of non stop action and anal sex.

AVA: Suspended From School: Features severe spanking and ANAL SEX!

DOWNLOAD: AVA: Suspended ffrom School
***SEVERE SPANKING AND ASS FUCKING*** Little Geoiga Peach Ava is suspended from School. She was caught high on weed and drunk. Outlaw, her new step daddy decides she needs a proper punishment. She receives a bare bottom spanking on her cute little 18 year old ass. However, since she starts cussing during her spanking, step dad decides a mere hand spanking is not enough. He ass fucks her with a dildo then uses his belt on her bare tender ass until she begs and cries for mercy.

Nadia's Christmas Punishment

Download: Nadia's Christmas Punishment
Little Nadia has broken the rules again. This time she was caught on camera smoking pot in the dressing room. She knows what is going to happen, first she is taken OTK for a hard hand spanking that leaves her in tears and begging. Then it is time for the nasty wooden paddle. After she is taken to her limits and in tears she is fucked and made to give Outlaw head. This is Nadia's hottest movie yet! This Movie runs for 27 minutes.

Maids For Spanking

DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE: Maids 4 Spanking
Destiny and Bre Lickit are hired as maids to clean up the bar but they don't actually clean but abuse the alcohol and get caught tonguing out on another. Outlaw decides he isn't gonna stand for that and decides to punish the girls. First they are made to spank one another on the bare ass. Outlaw decides that this isn't enough punishment and spanks the girls with cane, prison strap, nasty spanking sandal, and just about everything else he can find. Both girls are crying and begging before this punishment is over. 54 minutes of punishment shoot from two different camera angles. You can see visual bruising and welts on both girls asses.

Ebony and Ivory Lesbians Paddled!!!

Download: Ebony and Ivory Lesbians: Paddled
Amber Payne and Destiny have been too very bad little Lesbians. Instead of taking care of the gentlemen at the clubs after party they are caught in the dressing room taking care of each other. Destiny ass fucks Amber's tight ass with a dildo and the sucks each others pussies to orgasm. Outlaw catches them then makes them spank one another then spanks them with strap and finally with heavy oak paddle. Both girls girl uncontrolably before their punishment is over. Some of the hardest paddling you'll ever see. This film runs 48 minutes and features extreme spanking and lesbian anal sex.

Sierra's Car Wreck Lexan Spanking

Download: Sierra's Car Wreck Lexan Spanking
Sierra has been in a car wreck, now she wants to borrow money from Outlaw to get it fixed. Outlaw is upset for a number of reasons, one the car that she hit was his. Sierra agrees to take a harsh punishment if Outlaw will loan her the money. She is made to bare her pretty bottom then she is given a long hard hand spanking that leaves her begging and squealing. Outlaw doesn't think this is enough however and decides something more painful is in order and he breaks out the lexan paddle (with holes) Sierra is made to assume the position and is given 7 hard swats that leaves her ass red and bruised. 17 minutes of spanking action.
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